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Another successful year

June 30, 2010

Volume 2  Summer 2010

An exciting year in the Saint Michael’s Mathematics Department has come to a close with the graduation of another one of our classes. Our graduates look forward to building upon their undergraduate education in future endeavors, ranging from graduate school to employment in education or industry to service work in the Peace Corps or Americorps.

Our 2010 mathematics graduates are:
Catherine Dalton
Erick Gallager
William Jeralds
Mary Leavy
Dan Lewis
Nadine McBride

It is worth noting that once again many of the top rated jobs in 2010 require significant mathematical abilities and skills. For example, please visit the Jobs Rated 2010 top 10 list, in which the top 3 positions and at least half of the top 10 need advanced education in mathematics.

We continue to have students participating in grant-supported undergraduate research on campus during the academic year and off campus during the summer.

New professor
During the spring semester, we successfully completed a tenure track search, and we eagerly anticipate Prof. Philip Yates joining our department this Fall. Prof. Yates completed his Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of South Carolina, and he has taught at Cal Poly Pomona for the last several years. Welcome, Professor Yates!

Departmental Colloquium Series
This past year, we offered regular talks on a variety of mathematics topics. Colloquium talks and other departmental events from this past year included:

In September of 2009, several undergraduates presented results from their summer undergraduate research work, including
– Dan Lewis ’10 and “Self Assembling DNA Nanostructures”
– Erika Kirslis ’12 and Emily Pratt ’12 and “Can You Hear Me Now?”
– Brittany Baker ’11 and “Exploring Origami”

Later in September of 2009, five of our mathematics graduates participated in a panel discussion on “Reflections on a Liberal Arts Education in Mathematics: Experiences of our Graduates.” These graduates were Chris Carroll ’84, Ben Epstein ’05, Chris Higgins ’06, Michele Hudson ’95, and Lauren Remmes ’07.

In October of 2009, Prof. Jo Ellis-Monaghan presented our annual Pi Mu Epsilon Lecture “Graph-theoretical Design Strategies for DNA Nanostructures.”

In November of 2009, Dr. Darlene Olsen from Norwich University gave the Colloquium talk “Statistical Genetics and DNA Microarray Data Analysis.”

In March of 2010, Prof. Lloyd Simons gave the Colloquium talk “A Gentle Introduction to P-adic Numbers.”

In April of 2010, MacArthur Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Weeks visited campus and gave a community lecture on “The Shape of Space,” followed by a workshop talk for the campus community on “Visualizing Four Dimensions.”

Furthermore, Prof. Jo Ellis-Monaghan has continued to serve as co-organizer/coordinator of the weekly Combinatorics Seminar jointly hosted by Saint Michael’s and the University of Vermont.

I continue to encourage graduates to stay in touch and submit information for inclusion among our alumni spotlights. It is always great hearing from you!

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