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Colloquium Series

June 9, 2011

In our Departmental Colloquium Series, we continued to offer regular talks on relevant mathematics topics. Presentations and other events from 2010-2011 are listed below.

September of 2010
Several undergraduates presented results from their summer undergraduate research work, including:

Brittany Baker ’11 and “Winning Combinations: Connecting Study Abroad to a Summer Program through Combinatorics”
Emily Pratt ’12 and “Trajectory Design Using a Linearized Restricted Three-Body Problem”
Mary Spuches ’12 “Signature Recognition: Wavelet Decomposition versus Fourier Analysis”
Kaiti Tuthill ’11 “Methods for Finding Near Feasible Points for a System of Constraints”

October 2010
Professor Thomas Hull fromWesternNew England College presented our annual Pi Mu Epsilon Lecture “Origami – Math is in the Creasing.”

November 2010
Patricia Cahn, Ph.D. candidate from Dartmouth College,  gave the Colloquium talk “Counting Self-Intersections of Loops on Surfaces.”

January 2011
Professor Richard Foote from UVM gave the Colloquium talk “Symmetry and the Monster: Mathematics as the Ultimate Complex System.”

March 2011
Professor  Debra Boutin from Hamilton College gave the Colloquium talk “Graphs and Symmetry.”

April 2011
Professor Tim Whiteford from the Education Department gave the Colloquium talk “Teaching Math to ELLs.” Also, Professor Jo Ellis-Monaghan has continued to serve as co-organizer/coordinator of the weekly Combinatorics Seminar jointly hosted by Saint Michael’s and theUniversity ofVermont.

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